Step 3: Application
*Due to your low credit score, Income Support benefits may take up to 30 days to be distributed to you. However, if you have a valid checking or savings account, you can receive up to a £1,000 advance on your benefits that can be wired into your account today.

Immediate Benefits Instructions

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Step 1: Click 'Apply Now' and use the application form on the next page.

Step 2: Confirm contact and banking information.

Step 3: Start receiving your benefits within 1-hour after submitting application.

Work From Home and Still Receive Income Support

If you are unable to find employment, then we recommend you look for work-at-home jobs to make extra money. Here are a few we suggest:

Instant Cash Infusion -

Abbey's Money Blog -

Download Claim Form

You can download a claim form (A1) to fill in and complete on screen.
Download 'Income Support claim form you can complete on screen A1' (PDF, 720K)
Alternatively you can download a claim form (A1) that you can print out and complete with a pen.
Download 'Income Support claim form you can print and complete with a pen A1' (PDF, 299K)